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Competitive Announcement Fall 2023

For Immediate Release

The following men have been selected as the 2023 Alabama Rugby Team’s Competitive side. They have each shown a dedication to the team, the sport and improving themselves as individuals and athletes. We are excited to see their growth this season as we look toward our competition schedule starting this week.

This is not a permanent position and ANY PLAYER that fails to uphold the standards of the organization and its members WILL be removed from A-side opportunities. Any player listed as WTG (Wider Training Group) is asked to attend all A-side commitments.

These few players have demonstrated the proper skills, know-how, or athletic ability to be able to help improve the quality of training and play, however, are working towards the Competitive side.

  • Aidan Crosby
  • Alex Prumatico
  • Andrew Townley
  • Chase Travis
  • Cj Holtzapple
  • Colin McDermott
  • Conlan Pausina
  • Cooper Lawton
  • George Cottrill
  • Hedley Benn-Harris
  • Henry Sheppard
  • Isaiah Stevens
  • Jack Arsenault
  • Jacob Floresca
  • Jake Morrison
  • James Rogers
  • Jason Gussis
  • John Tansey
  • Justin Kirby
  • Mason Palaima
  • Max Blum 
  • Michael Gries 
  • Nathan Williams 
  • Paulie Malito 
  • Robby Barnes 
  • Ryder Spradlin 
  • Sean Crabtree
  • Sean Dowling 
  • Sean Sullivan
  • Senen Fernades 
  • Tom Kendall


  • Austin Harwell
  • Maxy (Thick Neck)
  • Hunter Lowry
  • Alex Watta

Well done to all of these men, you’ve earned it!

Mors Volvens.